Rico Love- Even Kings Die A 95%


Yeah I’m hella fucking late but as they say better late than never. Sometimes I take it back and do a review, but I’m getting back into the swing of things so fuck off! Now we swing this over to R&B although it doesn’t get much publicity these days pure R&B isn’t dead these niggas just scared or just simply too lazy to go on wiki and check out the new releases. Rico Love whose career began in 2004 as one of the first signings to Usher’s former label who got his chops more for songwriting than anything most notable “Usher- Throwback” and a shitload of other smash hits for Kelly Rowland, Trey Songz, etc. He also released a strong ass debut album which was slept on called “Turn The Lights On” which I felt was a classic in my opinion. After almost putting his career to an end he came back after a 3 year hiatus to deliver “Even Kings Die”


“Even Kings Die (Intro)”

Rico sets this shit up as if this is a trailer for a fucking movie and with this mans track record it could be one.





“God Forgives”

This is one of the best songs of 2018 period. I believe I ranked it in my top 25 for a reason. This song wreaks of substance. As he croons that he hopes his daughter doesn’t hate her, like her mother does. He also wants to teach his son not to make the same mistakes he made by mistreating women. He feels despite the mistakes that he’s made he feels like if he keeps God first and his faith he will prevail. As he says he’s in trouble for the shit he put on his first record. With songs like “Trifling”, “Run From Me”, “TTLO” you can understand why he wants forgiveness.




“Fight For You”

Seems like the pendulum swings into this transition. Seems like he’s still begging for not only God’s forgiveness but his woman’s. It seems like his woman found another man. Also, he’s looking to compete for his woman as well. He’s trying to get his woman back before it’s too late. Is this right or wrong? You be the judge.






This is one of my favorite records. I bet Usher passed on this or it was one of the songs that he held in the vault. This song is about a girl who is bouncing back and Rico is one of her supporters like he’s in the crowd. He wants this girl to stunt on her fake friends, her exes and everyone else that walks in her path.




“Can’t Afford Her”

This another song that Usher could have had. I bet money. You can tell by the sound and the subject matter. Although Rico has found a woman of a high caliber. The average man definitely still wants her but can he provide for her? The crazy thing is the woman has her own fucking money but still wants that average man’s whole paycheck sounds like that’s the thing going around today.






Rico wants to step outside his boundaries with his girlfriend but all she wants to do is fight instead of being lovers. It looks like he went on vacation to enhance the relationship but it’s seems like it’s blowing up in his face. Although they eventually work it out.





“Faith (featuring Bryan Michael-Cox & Scarlet)

Rico speaks from a perspective that things used to be different with his woman but it appears she has changed for the worst. He spends the song contemplating what he did to cause his woman to have this new behavior. Scarlet pretty much plays the counterpart saying that Rico cheated one too many times and it’s time for the relationship to end since he’s lost faith.




“Even Kings Die (Interlude)”

This is what is playing in the trailer for his album. It explains how he has messed up relationships worldwide by making women commit infidelity. Eventually his karma is going to come back tenfold.




“Loving You Better”

This the island song it defintely has the reggae sound. Rico feels like he can do better at loving his girl but he doesn’t treat her fair enough. His girl eventually leaves him for another man.





This shit is bananas. This definitely deserves to be a hit record but unfortunately they not gonna push this because Rico isn’t a big name artist. But one can hope someone decides to put this shit out and see if it actually hits. This definitely a money getting, money spending song club ready.




“Whole Lotta Sex (featuring Teedra Moses & Ball Greezy)”

This the bedroom song as Rico navigates all through his woman on this song as him and his woman is at their sexual peaks of the relationship. Teedra Moses kills this shit. Rico even incorporates the R. Kelly Ignition bounce bounce to it.




“Did You Tell Your Boyfriend”

You can tell by the title that this was gonna be some foul nigga shit. Rico seems to have fell out with his woman who happens to be using him as a side nigga. And he taunts her with the hook.




“Sexual Professional”

Definitely another song that coulda been Usher’s but fuck it Rico chose it. This is Rico bragging about his girl’s sexual skills and she happens to be at an expert level and knows what she is doing no matter the situation. “Sex so good her ex be popping up”. JEEZ!




Overall, dude adds another classic to his body of work. Rico is one of the hidden jewels of music if you haven’t seen the track record he’s low key one of the one’s responsible for a particular wave of R&B. As far as this project goes this sounds like a more mature version of Turn The Lights On so to speak although the other album had great songs to an extent. This project works as a more cohesive album with more substance and balance.
















2 Chainz- Rap Or Go To The League B 84%

Rap or Go to the League cover.jpg

This is the fourth time around for 2 Chainz. Previously known as Tity Boi, he has come a long way from 3rd stringer on DTP to commercial feature killer and a star to a degree. 2 Chainz was at the peak of his career once he released his third album “Pretty Girls Like Trap Music”. It’s 2 Chainz most successful and most cohesive project despite the inconsistency of his first two projects. Now with LeBron James as the A&R could that be the missing link and the key to 2 Chainz finally delivering a classic despite him as an MC with his skillset makes this task very difficult. We’ll see.




“Forgiven” (featuring Marsha Ambrosius)

The intro starts off as an announcer calls 2 Chainz like he’s coming into the game. As Marsha does what she does best sing her fucking ass off. 2 Chainz recants the past life he once lived and asks a higher power for forgiveness for his sins. He recalls his close friend losing his son and being confused on what to say or what to do because it’s a powerless feeling. There is an outro spoken word that is dope. Sounds more like a closer than a starter but great way to open this album.






“Threat 2 Society”

This has a hard hitting sampled sound reminiscent of late 90s/early 2000s. 2 Chainz gets introspective on here as he talks and humbles the youth of today and their antics. Although I don’t like this hook at all. The verses hold this song together. As soon as I think Jay woulda been a fit he says “this beat so hard I should put Jay on it”.  Overall, this shit is pretty decent.



“Money in the Way”

Now this is the usual 2 Chainz sound I’m used to right here. I can tell by the track this would be a bit catchy. This shit is okay definitely an album cut, a b-side perhaps nothing really special but the tide smoking generation might love this shit. I think this shit average.




“Statute of Limitations”

THIS BEAT IS FUCKING NASTY BRUH! Definitely well equipped for Tity 2 Necklace. Definitely got a Mustard vibe to this. Along with that ATL bass. Definitely pure trap music. I fucks with this one. Although the rhymes are simple the track is hard to ignore.




“High Top Versace” (featuring Young Thug)
This hook kind of dope. Not really into Thugger like that but this hook super infectious. This beat knocking like two gorillas fighting in a Caprice. Thugger outclasses 2 Chainz on here no cap. But it’s not a knock against the song it’s just my personal opinion. Just his punchlines were pretty straight. 2 Chainz just did enough to get by.



“Whip” (featuring Travis Scott)

This sound like every Travis Scott song. This beat bouncing and the switches and the keys on this bitch is sick. 2 Chainz does decent but lacks the hunger he has on features this song would’ve been the perfect time to drop a hard ass verse on. But Travis seems to be the only highlight of this.




Although this track funny as fuck, I can’t take this shit serious enough. This probably one of the weakest songs on here compared to the other tracks. The hook saves this shit from being a dud. But I bet March Madness promotes the shit out of this song. But the first verse is dogshit and he makes up for it with a decent second verse.



“Momma I Hit a Lick” (featuring Kendrick Lamar)

Here goes 2 Chainz with the weirdo voice change from the other song. I don’t approve of this bullshit. I hate this fucking hook. Shit ass. And Kendrick my mans. Kendrick does a decent job but he completely dumbed it down to fit 2 Chainz demographic instead of bodying this weak ass Fisher Price beat. This beat super ass bag too.  I think this probably the worst song Kendrick ever featured on.



“Rule the World” (featuring Ariana Grande)

This song is fucking dope. Ariana tries her best Mariah impression but she doesn’t fuck this shit up. This one of the better highlights of this album. This beat reminds me of “Amerie- Why Don’t We Fall In Love” this the love song of the album.







“Girl’s Best Friend” (featuring Ty Dolla Sign)

This shit definitely equipped and got that Ty Dolla signature. Got that West Coast Two Step airy sound I love. This track is fucking dope as hell definitely could be a summer single for sure. Can’t wait til this a big hit smash.






“2 Dollar Bill” (featuring Lil Wayne and E-40)

I knew at some point Mustard was gonna show up on this bitch.  This reminds me of Great Value “Jeezy- R.I.P.” This hook is god awful but the verses make the song and so does the beat. Wayne killed this shit. E-40 definitely be going over people heads. I caught a lot of his lines bro he also added some flair to that wack ass hook.




“I Said Me”

I wasn’t expecting this tight ass beat over this sample. Oh no HE DIDN’T FLIP THE DEAD PRESIDENTS! I know he’s not complex enough to body that for real he just gonna hit with a few dope punchlines. But this beat a fool. The hook is very BMF-esque and reminds me of that Quik- You’z A Gangsta hook. The punchlines on here are undeniable. Decent song can’t hate this at all. The outro on here will motivate you. I can so relate to this shit. Positive vibes only.



“I’m Not Crazy, Life Is” (featuring Chance the Rapper and Kodak Black)

I love this laid back sound it’s reminiscent of 90’s Houston music mane. 2 Chainz did well on here. This beat is fucking beautiful. Chance The Rapper does what he does on here. I mean this was a good verse from him.  The background vocals sound like it could be Betty Wright could be wrong though. Kodak delivers probably his best verse ever on here very introspective. (His fans will say he has better but I highly doubt it). They flip the Eve- Love Is Blind sample at the end. Shit is fucking ridiculous.





This track placement is god level though. This another beat that reminds me of 90’s Houston sound. This song is pretty much about Uncle Sam taking all your tax money and 2 Chainz is schooling niggas on how to survive and get to the tax bracket of respect. This hook is dope as hell. Another good highlight of this album for sure.




Overall, this is a solid project but dumb niggas gonna put this in the classic album category because 2 Chainz experienced a lot more growth on this album but I feel like he could have kept the 2nd half of this album kept a couple from the first half and put 3 better songs in place of the ones that got cut. I mean although this doesn’t out-class his previous album it helps 2 Chainz discography more than it hurts. To be honest 2 Chainz doesn’t have the skillset to deliver a classic album. Classic mixtape for sure. But album we will have to see one day if he can before he turns in the Tru’s and the 2 necklaces if he can pull it off. Right now in this case it’s not a classic, but it’s a decent album you can ride to and 2 Chainz shows a different more personal side on this record.

Offset- Father Of 4 B 85%

Offset Father of 4.jpg


First review of the year, it’s so good to be back. I’m shaking off the rust. Now with all the controversy into Cardi and Offset’s relationship. Also, the promotion online for this new album we ready for this through all the pushbacks as well. We already listened to Quavo’s debut “Quavo Huncho” which was met with mixed reviews. I said it was an average album at best. Takeoff put out a worthy debut album that was halfway decent. But now we onto the third Migo, Offset. I predicted that his album would have the most replay value as he drops his debut album “Father Of 4”.

“Father of 4” (featuring Big Rube)

Big Rube from the Dungeon Family days the OG starts of with a fire ass poem about beating the odds. Offset tells a great story about how his kids motivate him to do better as a man and how he was a father at 17 and he had to step up and handle his responsibilities.


“How Did I Get Here” (featuring J. Cole)

Offset recalls that he took a lot of work and time he put into being the superstar he is today. Although most wrote Offset off due to in the beginning getting into trouble with the law early on in his career. However, he’s humble and grateful for getting to this point in his life and rap career. J. Cole comes on here and adds his flavor and his own stories of his dead homies and a Bone Thugs type cadence to go with it. Decent song not all they hyped it up to be though.






This beat jumping jumping. Reminds me of the West Coast sound a little bit. Offset delivers his signature flow that he used on “Ric Flair Drip” and “Taste”. Offset is still recalling growing up kicking in doors, robbing niggas and living in the ghetto, hence the title. This definitely a hit hit. Very fun track. Worth a replay for sure.




“Tats on My Face”

Metro Boomin and Southside under the new name “So Icey Boyz” deliver production on here. Delivering a dark ass beat begging for a 21 Savage verse. This another lit ass slept on turn up record. Very catchy but yet super fucking dark. Not mad at this shit at all. Might have to replay this bitch too.


“Made Men”

Offset on here snapping low key. This beat kind of tight. But other than that it’s a decent song nothing special. Southside fucked this shit up low key. But this worth playing for sure.




“Wild Wild West” (featuring Gunna)

We knew this shit was gonna jump when the beat came on and the flow master Gunna on this bitch too. Oh lord. This shit catchy catchy. Nigga said gimme a hit and we might have one here. Metro Boomin and Allen Ritter add extra sauce on this bitch so that shit can drip. This definitely Drip Too Hard 2.0. LMFAO!


“North Star” (featuring Cee-Lo Green)

Cee-Lo! Okay I see you Offset. Although Offset does decent on here. Cee-Lo bodied this shit bro. This a coffin coffin. He elevated this song from average to dope as fuck.




“After Dark”

This shit my least favorite so far. But the beat dope. Nonetheless. Plus I like the hook. That’s all I really got to say on this one.




“Don’t Lose Me”

Offset plays his Cardi B apology at the beginning of the track and we know what direction this is going. Seems like Offset is looking for Cardi B to protect his heart. Sounds like this the song is about their relationship. As he begs “Don’t Lose Me” throughout the hook.



Another So Icey Boyz production. Beat kinda slow in my opinion but better suited for a nigga like Offset with a complex flow. Offset proclaims that he was always underrated and he is using this album to prove his negative critics wrong. This shit solid though. Not trash but too damn short.


“Legacy” (featuring Travis Scott and 21 Savage)

People gonna hype this shit up cause of Travis Scott. I like Travis don’t get me wrong is it me or he one of the most over-hyped niggas out right now? I maybe wrong but I doubt it but Offset comes on here with his “Bad & Boujee” flow on this shit. This nigga 21 Savage taunts Tekashi Bitch-Nine on this bitch too. I earned more respect for 21 Savage he bounced back from ICE he never flipped on none of his niggas unlike that multi-colored rainbow pussy ass faggot. But back to business this record mashes out.




“Clout” (featuring Cardi B)

This is the track we needed for the clout chasers across the nation this they theme song. It’s cool in 2019 to clout-chase. And the goddamn Cephus and Reesie of hip hop go in on this topic raw, honest and snap on this bitch. This like my 2nd favorite song on here. The Cardi I love on here. Just raw and unapologetic. Offset’s hook is classic too. This one of the best songs on here by far I’m repeating this shit as I type this hoe. Mad young niggas need to hear this shit dog!


“On Fleek” (featuring Quavo)

This another banger could potentially be a B-Side but still could yam at the party as the favorite album cut. This the only collab with a Migo member too. Looks like Takeoff was left off “Bad & Boujee” again. The hook is catchy like all Migos songs are. Could be “Thick & Pretty 2”. Quavo bodied his verse too.



“Quarter Milli” (featuring Gucci Mane)

Metro Boomin’ is killing this album. We all thought the young nigga retired but he lied like shit. LMAO! This shit got a bounce to it. Offset’s signature flow with rhythm and comedic ad-libs chops this track up like Benihana’s. Not the biggest Gucci fan but this nigga killed this shit too.


“Red Room”

This was the first single off this album released towards the end of last year. He talks about the car crash that almost took his life last year. He also gets into how people have crossed him and turned their backs on him when he had a child and got famous. This was way better than I anticipated because I didn’t listen to this shit until today and this is dope as hell.



“Came a Long Way”

Another track with the “Ric Flair Drip” flow. This beat is crazy and got a lil bounce to it. All I can say despite a dope ass hook and a cold Metro beat.





Well, that’s all folks overall, my prediction was correct. I knew Offset was gonna have the best album. Although Quavo shit was disappointing and Takeoff’s album was surprisingly dope. Offset delivered a bit past my expectations on this one although I would have cut this shit to 12 in my opinion. Disclaimer: This is not a classic album so don’t overhype the masses. I think it’s a good album you can play while high, drunk on the road if you wanna hear a dope ass flow over dope ass beats with average lyricism. Offset proves he was the only one truly ready to drop a solo album and we understood why we waited so long. But congrats are due to the third Amigo!



































Top 50 Rap Albums I Listened To In 2018

So let’s get into some rap shit.



50 – Dave East & Styles P- Beloved






49 – Freddie Gibbs- Freddie

Freddie (Freddie Gibbs album) Album Cover.jpg





48 – Travis Scott- ASTROWORLD

Astroworld by Travis Scott.jpg






47 – Kids See Ghosts- Kids See Ghosts

Kids See Ghost Cover.jpg






46 – Jaden Smith- The Sunset Tapes: A Cool Tape Story

Jaden Smith – The Sunset Tapes- A Cool Tape Story.png





45 – Belly- Immigrant





44 – Jarren Benton- Yuck Fou





43 – Prhyme- Prhyme 2

PRhyme – PRhyme 2.png






 42 – A$AP Rocky- TESTING

ASAP Rocky Testing.jpg






 41 – N.O.R.E.- 5E






40 – Cozz- Effected







39 – Swizz Beatz- Poison

Swizz Beatz – Poison.png






38 – Lecrae & Zaytoven- Let The Trap Say Amen






37 – Audio Push- Inside The Vibe 2






36 – Wale- It’s Complicated






35 – Reason- There You Have It






34 – Denzel Curry- TABOO

Ta13oo by Denzel Curry.jpg





 33 – Lupe Fiasco- DROGAS Wave

Lupe Fiasco Drogas Wave album.jpg






 32 – Casanova- Commissary






31 – T.I.- The Dime Trap







30 – Meek Mill- Championships

Meek Mill – Championships.png






29 – Wale- Self-Promotion






28 – Noname- Room 25

Room 25 cover.jpg







27 – J.I.D.- DiCaprio 2







26 – Freddie Gibbs, Curren$y & Alchemist- Fetti

Fetti Album Cover (2018).png






25 – Saba- Care For Me

This is the cover art for CARE FOR ME by Saba. The cover art copyright is believed to belong to the label, Saba PIVOT, or the graphic artist(s).jpg






24 – Forever M.C. & It’s Different- Forever M.C.






23 – Black Thought- Streams of Thought Vol. 2






22 – Bas- Milky Way







21 – 9th Wonder Presents: Jamla Is The Squad II






20 – Eminem- Kamikaze

A painting of the rear end of a jet with graffiti about Eminem on it






19 – Jay Rock- Redemption

Jay Rock – Redemption.png







18 – Bun B- Return Of The Trill

Return of the Trill.jpeg






17 – Elzhi & Khrysis- Elzhi & Khrysis Are Jerricho Jackson





16 – Smino- NOIR








15 – Mac Miller- Swimming







14 – Black Panther Soundtrack

The cover image features a neck-ornament upon complete black background. It is made of animal incisors used as beads and worn by T'Challa.






13 – Kanye West- YE

A view of the Teton mountain range with green text in the centre reading "I hate being Bi-Polar its awesome"







 12 – Flatbush Zombies- Vacation from Hell

Vacation in Hell.jpg







11 – Black Milk- FEVER







10 – Buddy- Harlan & Alondra







9 – Phonte- No News Is Good News





8 – Black Thought- Streams Of Thought Vol. 1







7 – Logic- Young Sinatra IV

Logic mimicking the famous Frank Sinatra mugshot






6 – J. Cole- K.O.D.






5 – Nas- Nasir

Nasir by Nas cover.jpg





4 – Nick Grant- Dreamin’ Out Loud






3 – Pusha T- Daytona

Daytona by Pusha T.jpg





2 – The Carters- Everything Is Love

A black woman with short hair giving a shirtless tattooed black man a haircut in the Louvre art museum. Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa can be seen hanging in the background.





1 – Royce Da 5’9”- Book Of Ryan

Book of Ryan.jpeg

Top 50 Albums That I Heard In 2018

Listen, this the Sorry Not Sorry era.  If I hurt feelings with this then that’s on you. This was all done by rating, I just ordered the albums by what was better than the other. This isn’t my top 50 favorites, so don’t even play me like that. These are the 50 albums that I felt were THE BEST! (yes R&B and other genres were considered) So fuck if you like it or nah. Cause I do. LMAO!

50 – Meek Mill- Championships

Meek Mill – Championships.png




49 – Eric Bellinger- Eazy Call

Image result for eazy call




48 – Ravyn Lenae- Crush





47 – Wale- Self-Promotion




46 – Noname- Room 25

Room 25 cover.jpg




45 – J.I.D.- DiCaprio 2





44 – Freddie Gibbs, Curren$y & Alchemist- Fetti

Fetti Album Cover (2018).png





43 – Spider Man: Into the Spider-Verse (Soundtrack from & Inspired by the Motion Picture)

A black mask with two white bug-eyes, outlined in red. This is the mask that the film's protagonist Miles Morales wears.




42 – Saba- Care For Me

This is the cover art for CARE FOR ME by Saba. The cover art copyright is believed to belong to the label, Saba PIVOT, or the graphic artist(s).jpg




 41 – Forever M.C. & It’s Different- Forever M.C.





40 – Alina Baraz- The Color Of You





39 – Jorja Smith- Lost & Found

Jorja Smith - Lost & Found.png





38 – The Weeknd- My Dear Melancholy

MyDearMelancholy - album by The Weeknd.jpg





37 – Black Thought- Streams of Thought Vol. 2





36 – Bas- Milky Way







35 – Doja Cat- Amala





34 – Mya- T.K.O. (The Knockout)

Mýa TKO (The Knock Out).jpg





 33 – Ella Mai- Ella Mai






 32 – Teyana Taylor- KTSE

Teyana Taylor KTSE Cover Art.jpg





31 – 9th Wonder Presents: Jamla Is The Squad II




30 – Eminem- Kamikaze

A painting of the rear end of a jet with graffiti about Eminem on it





29 – Jay Rock- Redemption

Jay Rock – Redemption.png






28 – Bun B- Return Of The Trill

Return of the Trill.jpeg





27 – Elzhi & Khrysis- Elzhi & Khrysis Are Jerricho Jackson





26 – Marsha Ambrosious- NYLA






25 – Justin Timberlake- Man Of The Woods

The cover image features two images of a male, edited to appear as one. Top-diagonal-half image features male in all-black suit and white undershirt, in a snow-covered wooded area. Bottom-diagonal-half image features male in ripped blue jeans, flannel button down shirt in a smog-filled wooded area. Below this title: MAN OF THE WOODS, appears in capitalised handwritten print.






24 – Smino- NOIR






23 – Mac Miller- Swimming







22 – Black Panther Soundtrack

The cover image features a neck-ornament upon complete black background. It is made of animal incisors used as beads and worn by T'Challa.






21 – Kanye West- YE

A view of the Teton mountain range with green text in the centre reading "I hate being Bi-Polar its awesome"






20 – Flatbush Zombies- Vacation from Hell.

Vacation in Hell.jpg






19 – Black Milk- FEVER






18 – Uncle Drew Soundtrack

Uncle Drew poster.png





17 – Buddy- Harlan & Alondra







16 – Usher & Zaytoven- “A”

Usher – A album art.png






15 – Phonte- No News Is Good News






14 – NAO- Saturn

Nao – Saturn.png





13 – Black Thought- Streams Of Thought Vol. 1







 12 – Logic- Young Sinatra IV

Logic mimicking the famous Frank Sinatra mugshot






11 – Rico Love- Even Kings Die







10 – The Dream- Menage a Trois: Sex Tape Vol. 1-3





9 – The Internet- Hive Mind

Hive Mind - The Internet.jpg






8 – J. Cole- K.O.D.







7 – Nas- Nasir

Nasir by Nas cover.jpg






6 – H.E.R. – I Used To Know Her: Part 2






5 – Nick Grant- Dreamin’ Out Loud






4 – Anderson .Paak- Oxnard

Anderson Paak Oxnard.jpeg






3 – Pusha T- Daytona

Daytona by Pusha T.jpg






2 – The Carters- Everything Is Love

A black woman with short hair giving a shirtless tattooed black man a haircut in the Louvre art museum. Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa can be seen hanging in the background.







1 – Royce Da 5’9”- Book Of Ryan

Book of Ryan.jpeg

Kingknown’s Top 100 Songs I Heard In 2018

This ain’t personal bitch, this is business.



100 – Yella Beezy- That’s On Me


99 – Flipp Dinero- Leave Me Alone


98 – Cardi B- Get Up 10


97 – Ella Mai- Sauce


96 – Eminem- Killshot


95 – Drake- Can’t Take A Joke


94 – Usher & Zaytoven- Peace Sign


93 – Migos- Narcos


92 – Cardi B- Money


91 – Jay Rock feat. Kendrick Lamar- Wow Freestyle


90 – Lil Wayne- Uproar


89 – Nicki Minaj- Ganja Burns


88 – Kodak Black feat. Travis Scott & Offset- Zeze


87 – Mac Miller- Self Care


86 – Lil Dicky feat. Chris Brown- Freaky Friday


85 – Anderson .Paak- Left To Right


84 – Meek Mill- Oodles O’ Noodles Babies


83 – Wiz Khalifa feat. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony- Reach For The Stars


82 – Teyana Taylor feat. Ghostface Killah, Raekwon & Method Man- Gonna Love Me (Remix)


81 – Anderson. Paak- Bubblin’


80 – Tamia- Leave It Smokin’


79 – Rae Sremmurd feat. Juicy J- Powerglide


78 – Mya- Ready (Part III- 90’s Bedroom Mix)


77 – Cardi B feat. Kehlani- Ring


76 – Jay Rock feat. J. Cole- OSOM


75 – Meek Mill- Respect The Game


74 – Drake- Mob Ties


73 – 21 Savage feat. Schoolboy Q & Project Pat- Good Day


72 – Mac Miller- Dunno


71 – 21 Savage feat. Childish Gambino- Monster


70 – Royce Da 5’9” feat. Pusha T, Jadakiss, Fabolous & Agent Sasco- Summer On Lock


69 – Pusha T- Come Back Baby


68 – J.I.D. feat. J. Cole- Off Deez


67 – Beyonce & Jay-Z- 713


66 – Anderson. Paak feat. Pusha T- Brother’s Keeper


65 – Travis Scott feat. James Blake, Stevie Wonder & Kid Cudi- Stop Trying To Be God


64 – Lil Baby & Gunna- Drip Too Hard


63 – Drake- Nice For What


62 – 21 Savage feat. J. Cole- A Lot


61 – Rapsody feat. J. Cole- Sojourner


60 – Anderson .Paak feat. J. Cole- Trippy


59 – Anderson .Paak feat. Kendrick Lamar- Tints


58 – J. Cole- Window Pain (Outro)


57 – The Internet- It Gets Better (With Time)


56 – Justin Timberlake- Young Man


55 – Blocboy JB feat. Drake- Look Alive


54 – Eminem feat. Royce Da 5’9”- Not Alike


53 – Nicki Minaj- Barbie Dreams


52 – Mac Miller- Small Worlds


51 – Tyga feat. Offset- Taste


50 – Wiz Khalifa feat. Problem- Gin & Drugs


49 – Cardi B feat. Migos- Drip


48 – Lil Duval feat. Snoop Dogg & Ball Greezy- Smile Bitch


47 – Pusha T- The Games We Play


46 – Logic feat. Wu-Tang Clan & Jackpot Scotty Wotty- Wu-Tang Forever


45 – J. Cole- Kevin’s Heart


44 – Meek Mill- Trauma


43 – Anderson .Paak feat. Snoop Dogg, The Last Artful & Dodgr- Anywhere


42 – Kids See Ghosts feat. Pusha T- Feel The Love


41 – Sheck Wes- Mo Bamba


40 – Beyonce & Jay-Z feat. Pharrell- Nice


39 – YG feat. 2 Chainz, Big Sean & Nicki Minaj- Big Bank


38 – Nas feat. The-Dream- Adam & Eve


37 – Juice WRLD- Lucid Dreams


36 – Drake- Diplomatic Immunity


35 – Jay Rock- Win


34 – Eminem feat. Joyner Lucas- Lucky You


33 – J. Cole- 1985 (Intro To The Fall Off)


32 – Cardi B feat. Chance The Rapper- Best Life


31 – Royce Da 5’9” feat. J. Cole- Boblo Boat


30 – Drake- In My Feelings


29 – Travis Scott feat. Drake- Sicko Mode


28 – Mac Miller- Ladders


27 – Migos feat. Drake- Walk It Like I Talk It


26 – Ella Mai- Trip


25 – Rico Love- God Forgives


24 – J. Cole- Once An Addict (Interlude)


23 – Anderson .Paak feat. Q-Tip- Cheers


22 – Drake feat. Michael Jackson- Don’t Matter To Me


21 – Mac Miller- Come Back To Earth


20 – Meek Mill feat. Ella Mai- 24/7


19 – Jay Rock feat. Kendrick Lamar, Future & James Blake- King’s Dead


18 – Pusha T- The Story Of Adidon


17 – Buddy- Trouble On Central


16 – Meek Mill feat. Jay-Z & Rick Ross- What’s Free


15 –The Weeknd feat. Kendrick Lamar- Pray For Me


14 – Maroon 5 feat. Cardi B- Girls Like You


13 – Beyonce & Jay-Z- Apeshit


12 – Nick Grant feat. Stacy Barthe- Black Woman


11 – The Internet- La Di Da


10 – Kendrick Lamar feat. SZA- All The Stars


9 – Lil Wayne feat. Kendrick Lamar- Mona Lisa


8 – Migos- Stir Fry


7 – Cardi B feat. J Balvin and Bad Bunny- I Like It


6 – J. Cole- ATM


5 – Pusha T- If You Know You Know


4 – XXXTentacion- Sad


3 – The Internet- Come Together


2 – Childish Gambino- This Is America


1 – Drake- God’s Plan

Black Thought- Streams of Thought, Vol. 2: Traxploitation A- 93%

Image result for streams of thought vol. 2

Back again for Vol. 2 this time. Nobody expected Vol. 2 until next year INCLUDING ME! This time Black Thought teams up with Salaam Remi known for producing the Fugees and Nas. As Black Thought described it: “From convo to concept. Trust the process. 2 flights to Miami. 3 sessions. 9 tracks.” Best believe this time Thought is in it for the bars and the principles so let’s get to the music.





Thought describes the new drug epidemic involving “Fentanyl” that took the lives of Prince, Tom Petty, and Mac Miller. As Thought brings the imagery and the storytelling and the lyrics to go along with it.




“Soundtrack to Confusion”

As Black Thought describes “The black soundtrack to confusion”. This provides a laid-back 70’s sample type of feel. As you nod your head to every bar that Black hits you niggas with it. And once again he no hooks this shit.




“Get Outlined”

Salaam Remi delivers definitely something he could have gave to Nas. Black Thought kills this shit as you can tell that real musicians are on these beats. Definitely the boom-bap is back as Thought gives us a lot of game on this song. Just listen nigga!




“History Unfolds”

This one also is true to the boom-bap sound. Black Thought keeps it Philly as this beat also sounds like the typical beat that Questlove would hook up for Black Thought. We know Black Thought delivers but to stay at the level he stays at, at this age is incredible.  In my opinion, this shit was too short could’ve added a hook to this. Seems like this one was just a freestyle nothing more.




“How To Hold A Choppa”

This has a jazzy feel and touch to the mind. This seems like another short freestyle that makes you wonder what if this shit was a more complete song with a hook instead of a long 32 bar verse.




“The New Grit”

Seriously how many short freestyles we gonna get fam? I mean don’t get me wrong the 16 is nice but if you gonna do freestyles make sure you give us more than 9 songs. Salaam bodies the beat once again for the true hip hop head.




“Long Liveth”

Black Thought is delivering a lesson on here. Salaam provides a slow, awkward drum beat with a laid back tough. And through 7 tracks we have yet to hear a hook. But don’t get it fucked up this track is fucking monstrous and a force in the lyrical category.




“Streets” (featuring Tish Hyman)

Tish Hyman low key been on some cold ass joints with other rappers. And at track 8 we finally get a song with a hook. This is one of the better songs on the album. Bar for bar this is a masterpiece. Especially verse 1.



“Conception” (featuring Reek Ruffin)

This what I call the highlight of the album and perfectly placed at the end too. Fire. This sample in the background had me addicted. Definitely sounds like a vintage Nas song. But Black Thought definitely added his touch to an already great beat and a soundtrack. Easily the best song on here. This hook is awesome too.




Overall, although this is a dope ass project. Thought was STILL IN HIS BAG, however I feel like if he had 9 complete songs on here this project could have been a better project than its predecessor in Vol. 1 which was a brutal masterpiece. This album is a bit more musical and Salaam Remi delivered a masterpiece on the musical side. Black Thought cements himself in the Hall of Fame now.